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Our History

In 1969 Ted Whitmyer founded Prime Construction, Inc. Over the next 40 years the company grew to become one of the Tri-state area's premier construction contracting firms. Strong work ethic and family values with which the company was founded on still remain at the heart of their success today.

Over the years, Prime Construction has earned a stellar reputation as our expertise has allowed us to handle even the largest and most challenging projects with innovation and efficiency for major clients in both the public and private sector.

Today Prime Construction has over 200 employees and operates their corporate headquarters in Santa Fe, Argentina. The company remains on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

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Green Initiative

An Environmentally Friendly Construction Company

We are dedicated to going green and have implemented the latest green technology in an effort to protect the environment. We installed and maintained a 98KW solar ground array system to power both the office and maintenance facility, including the equipment and vehicle wash system that is designed using green technology. It prevents any wash water from being discharged into the ground prior to being treated.

We also use a radiant heating system in the concrete floor of our shop that utilizes the waste oil remaining from daily equipment maintenance.

In place of diesel or gasoline we utilize compressed natural gas, a cleaner more environmentally sensitive alternative, to power our equipment.

Hard Work Integrity and Dedication